Mirena IUD Lawsuit from Complications

Mirena IUD Lawsuits have become prevalent among women intending to prevent pregnancy with the contentious IUD device designed by Bayer. Bayer is the pharmaceutical manufactures Mirena IUDs. The manufacturer of the IUD device designed to act as a contraceptive in women has left serious scars, emotional and physical, in the lives of the IUD user’s. It could not be any more ironic that a contraceptive would give birth to a controversy!
Mirena IUD contraceptives first appeared on the market in 2000. Since then, women have experienced side effects associated with Bayer’s Mirena due to the unpublicized potentially harmful risks the IUD poses to its users. The plastic IUD device works by releasing a hormone to prevent conception over a period of five years. Bayer has sold the IUD device in the United States under the brand name Mirena. The device has since attracted numerous lawsuits due to nature of its side effects to the mother and child in some cases.

FDA Warns Bayer about Under Reporting the Risks

Mirena IUD Lawsuits were sparked the moment complaints began to stream consistently into the FDA Offices. The FDA or The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for setting quality standards for any manufactured food and drug components aimed at being sold to Americans. The FDA first warned Bayer of its deceptive strategies in marketing Mirena as a high quality contraceptive while they knowingly hid the downsides of the product from the public. This was in 2009.
In 2012, The FDA received more than 40,000 complaints within a five month period showing that massive harm had befallen Mirena users through the hidden side effects of the contraceptive device. The organization had to compile a report on Adverse Events. The majority of the cases centered on side effects such as excessive bleeding from the vagina, dislocation, and expulsion of the device from the body. Unfortunately for the dislocation cases, surgery was required to extract the malfunctioning IUD from the uterus.

Mirena IUD Class Action Lawsuit

These are real cases which have led to massive class action suits against the manufacturer of Mirena, Bayer. The Mirena IUD lawsuit has encouraged affected parties to speak out and be compensated for damages. An effective attorney will ensure that the affected party receives the highest compensation possible from the Lawsuit. We specialize in helping you achieve satisfactory legal assistance from the class action suit.
Mirena IUD Complicaitons That May Qualify you for Compensation from the Mirena IUD Lawsuit 
If you have used Mirena IUD contraceptive and you experience associated symptoms such as those listed below, please call us immediately and fill out the free claims review form on this page.

  • Infertility
  • PID or Pelvic Inflammation Disease
  • Embedding of the IUD device initiating the need for surgery
  • Perforation of the uterine organ or a pricked uterine wall
  • Out-of-the-uterus Mirena IUD Dislocation or migration
  • Vaginal expulsion of the IUD
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Birth defects in newborns due to failed Mirena IUD.
  • Sexual Difficulties arising from interference of IUD device

All of the above are severe complications of Mirena. If you are experiencing one of them, it is highly likely that you qualify for compensation. Do not be afraid to seek justice when it is due. The compensation goes a long way in footing any accumulated hospital and medical insurance bills, and also in providing better healthcare options for you and your family. Financial pressure that is associated with impromptu hospital visits that could have otherwise been avoided should not be taken lightly. Take action today and protect the health and lives of the ones you love.

Why You Should File a Mirena IUD Lawsuit

You may be asking why your doctor prescribed this contraceptive method to you in the first place. We want to answer your question by telling you that your doctor was as naive as you were. According to published reports in Bixby Center for health Reproduction Globally, almost half of the physicians lack adequate knowledge in potential risks posed by IUD devices in the United States. This analysis was gathered from statistical facts of a survey carried out on healthcare givers to gauge their knowledge of IUD’s. The survey took place between the year 2010 and 2012.
A New Jersey Federal Court ruled in favor of 20 plaintiffs for damages caused by the IUD. Consolidation was then considered for all Mirena Lawsuits. Bayer anticipates more cases and has since planned an MDL in its home county. MDLs are Multi- District Litigations that comprise of several plaintiffs lodging similar complaints in court. The cases go through a single trial then branch into individual cases to be compensated. The side effects of Mirena constitute Personal Injury according to the law, which is subject to compensation in the quest for legal action. It is estimated that about two million users are in the United States alone. These are claims that are being waited upon to consolidate cases for compensation.

Prior to this, Canadian Health Observers warned against the potential threat to life that is the Mirena IUD. The Canadian population took this warning seriously although there are quite a number of litigations in the country against the failed Bayer IUD. In the US, the FDA has sounded the warning and it is now up to you to come forward and claim your compensation.

Contact us about a Mirena IUD Lawsuit Today

We are here to help you, the victim of the Mirena IUD. Our medical claims firm specializes in getting your claim processed as soon as possible without any unwarranted delays from within the payment systems. We have created a niche in the industry by helping victims get speedy service especially if you are claiming compensation or payment for services offered to the Lawsuit patient. Our clearinghouse is efficient and fast. We also specialize in confirming whether you qualify for the Mirena IUD lawsuit compensation. Do not suffer in silence when it is your right to seek compensation. You should be compensated for being denied timely warning and information on the side effects of Bayer’s Mirena.

Your health was compromised and this is an unacceptable trend in consumer product manufacturing that must be condemned. Manufacturing companies do not have a legal right to make your life unbearable in any way by selling you compromised products. You have a right to health and a fulfilled life. Help us help you. Join us today and let us get you compensated efficiently and without a fuss. We believe your story. Your health becomes our main agenda when you join our claims reviews. Contact us today to find out if you are eligible to receive compensation from the Mirena IUD Lawsuit.

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