Do You Qualify To Receive A Mirena Settlement?

Are you in need of a Mirena settlement to cover medical bills? The information provided herein is meant to inform consumers of serious potential risks linked to the intrauterine device Mirena. The release of Mirena IUD was marked by flashy and captive advertisements of how effective the device was as a birth control measure; information that was later found to be false. In their campaigns, Bayer Pharmaceuticals portrayed the defective intrauterine device as the best in its category due to its lifespan of 5 years; in the real essence, Mirena has now been known to fail within a few months after insertion. The misleading advertisements were offering no substantial information on the serious side effects of the device. For instance, Bayer indicates that its invention hypes intimacy; this utterance can’t be any further from the truth, using Mirena in some instances lowers libido. The Food and Drug Administration had to issue a warning to Bayer in a bid to stop the trail of misleading information that they were relaying to their potential clients.

The purpose of a Mirena settlement is to enable a claimant to pay her medical fees as well as to cover other domestic needs. Assuming for example the side effects you suffered reduced or even cut off your income, a Mirena settlement would help offset your loss of wages. Bayer Pharmaceutical Company ought to own up to their deeds and pay your impending Mirena settlement.

How Do I Begin the Process Of Filing For a Mirena Settlement?

Acquiring a Mirena settlement is a legal process; our attorneys have gathered vast experience and knowledge on lawsuits involving defective drugs and devices in the past. The first step in seeking a Mirena settlement is undergoing medical tests to ascertain that the various side effects you are suffering from owe their origin to your use of this defective birth control device. Though small in size, this intrauterine device causes massive negative changes in the female body and has been known to lead to extensive blood loss due to elongated menstruation periods.

With a credible attorney, you have a chance at getting a Mirena settlement through your lawyer; the presentation of convicting evidence is mandatory for the winning of a lawsuit. This evidence is a medical report detailing your present side effects and linking them to the Mirena IUD device inserted in the uterus. As a matter of precaution, the intrauterine device should be inserted by a physician in order to avoid incorrect placement. The serious Mirena side effects are relied upon when it comes to winning a Mirena settlement; their serious nature demands immediate medical attention, such treatment comes at an elevated cost which can be adequately covered by filing a successful lawsuit against Bayer. Below is a breakdown of the Mirena side effects and how they negatively influence general health.

The Mild Mirena Side Effects

These side effects are not a cause for alarm considering the minor changes they cause to the body. That said, it is still necessary to take them seriously by seeking medical guidance. When it comes to the Mirena settlement though, they do not account for much but are an important component especially in pattern building; they show the various progressive stages of using the Mirena IUD.

Do you have the Mirena IUD implant and have you been experiencing nausea, frequent headaches and stomachaches that often culminate in bloating? These are among the first signals your body sends. Others include pelvic pains which would normally make walking a daunting task.

Mirena has also been known to initiate psychological disruptions; due to the many side effects it causes within the body, the affected individual may be experiencing mental turmoil. Some women feel resentment about why the device has turned out to be a problem rather than a solution. Moods may vary and weight gain is common. Women who have been implanted with the device sometimes suffer from a low sex drive, due to the numerous inconveniences caused by this intrauterine device, its users lose interest in sex and this can be particularly damaging to a thriving relationship.

Mirena IUD is also destructive to the skin; through itching and skin rashes, your otherwise flawless skin starts showing signs of unhealthy nature. The hair growth pattern is also disrupted the affected individual develops back pains which may persist for an elongated period of time. Notable nervousness is yet another side effect of using the Mirena intrauterine device. The breasts become abnormally tender and painful. Dizziness has also been listed as one of the many Mirena side effects.

Have there been drastic changes in your menstrual cycle? Consider visiting a doctor and have your case reviewed thoroughly. Using this dysfunctional device alters the menstrual cycle and results in excessive bleeding; this is in relation to the long period within which menstruation occurs.

The serious Mirena side effects


As opposed to the temporary effect Mirena is presumed to have on the female body system, it has been known to cause infertility even long after the removal of the device; being confirmed infertile can be a heartbreaking experience for a women, and many have had this determination made as a result of Mirena.

Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is known as any pregnancy which occurs outside of the womb, most often in the fallopian tubes. Almost all cases of Ectopic pregnancy cannot lead to a viable fetus, and the mother is at extreme risk of major internal hemorrhage. Invasive surgery is sometimes required to repair any damage that has been done due to a fetus growing outside the womb within organs which cannot provide the nutrients required to sustain life.

Perforation of the Uterus

This small device has the ability to penetrate the uterus. If wrongly placed or if it succumbs to any external pressure, it just might lodge into the uterus and the end result would be profuse bleeding. This side effect will be featured in many upcoming lawsuits in order to receive an eventual Mirena settlement.

Device Migration

The Mirena Intrauterine device is not foolproof; as such, it might migrate from its original position and fail in its initial purpose. What’s more, its continued shifting within the uterus can be damaging to say the least. This side effect is instrumental in acquiring a Mirena settlement.

Embedment in the Uterine Wall

As in the above case, Mirena has on several cases embedded itself in the uterine wall. Apart from the expected bleeding, this particular side effect makes it hard for the safe removal of the device when the need for that arises.

Possible Miscarriages

These are only realized after the removal of the device. When the female user eventually decides to bear children, the effects of this dysfunctional device might still persist and thus induce a miscarriage. This is especially if conception occurs immediately after the removal of the device.

Abscesses Erosion of Adjacent Areas

The presence of the Mirena IUD leads to the degeneration of adjacent cells and more so those in the vagina.

Other serious side effects include Peritonitis, Intestinal perforations or obstruction, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ovarian cysts, Pelvic pain, Streptococcal sepsis, intrauterine pregnancy and wrongful death can also occur courtesy of the Mirena IUD.

As you seek assistance with receiving a Mirena settlement you will want to go with the best in the business; our experience and success record will mean everything in the final outcome of your lawsuit. Call our office or complete the form on this page to get your case evaluated free of charge.

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