Mirena Side Effects

Mirena side effects threaten the life and well-being of the Mirena IUD user. In response to the ever growing demand to control birth conveniently, Bayer Pharmaceutical Company sought to provide the needed solution through their invention, Mirena. Sadly though, the scale with which Mirena side effects are being reported clearly indicates that Bayer was wrong in its presumptions. Their complacency is further illuminated through the misleading advertisements they displayed, an action that got the FDA’s attention; it is one thing to produce a dysfunctional device but quite another to vigorously advocate for its sale without assessing its safety. Though the device has a five year lifespan, you would be wise to keep away from it, as its side effects instigate great discomforts in the female body.

Mirena side effects are quite often serious in nature; even the mild Mirena side effects have the tendency to lead to serious cases especially when left untreated. Those suffering from Mirena side effects ought to take a stand against Bayer and compel this manipulative pharmaceutical entity to compensate them for their damages. Mirena uses Levonorgestrel, a compound released inside the uterus in timed dosages so as to prevent conception. As stipulated in its insertion procedure, the activity should be carried out by a well-informed gynecologist so as to avoid wrongful placement. The occurrence of Mirena side effects should be taken seriously both legally and medically; through our credible attorneys, you will surely find legal reprieve. Though not yet put into effect, there have been connotations that a recall on the defective IUD device might be in the future.

The Mild Mirena Side Effects

These side effects do not pose immediate danger; if left untreated, however, these may result in the more serious conditions. Notifying your doctor of them early enough gives you the chance to stop future more serious conditions from arising.

Initially, affected individuals experience nausea which might eventuate into vomiting; this is mainly due to the persistent bloating in the victim’s stomach. The breasts become abnormally tender and are often painful. Apart from appearing dizzy, women having the Mirena IUD experience disturbing headaches; and some feel constantly nervous.

Some women’s skin is affected; the mild itching results in a skin rash whose severity is subject to the particular individual. Have you been implanted with the Mirena IUD and are you now suffering from puffiness in your hands, feet, ankles and face? This is yet another of the numerous Mirena side effects. The Mirena IUD device sometimes results in psychological problems in the affected individual; this leads to weight gain and varying moods. More often than not, such women lose interest in sex and their hair growth pattern appears distorted. Back pains have also been associated with this defective Intrauterine device.

The menstrual cycle suffers the vilest brunt from the continued use of this device. Numerous women have reported experiencing irregular menstrual cycles. The heavy bleeding can be attributed to the long period within which menstruation occurs among other factors. In most women, the first few weeks after the device insertion are marked with profuse bleeding which can persist especially if the device was placed incorrectly

Serious Mirena Side Effects

Device Migration

The Mirena Intrauterine device is not foolproof; as such, it might migrate from its original position and fail in its initial purpose. What’s more, its continued shifting within the uterus can be damaging.

Perforation of the Uterus

This small device has the ability to penetrate the uterus. If wrongly placed or if it succumbs to any external pressure, it just might lodge into the uterus and the end result would be profuse bleeding.

Embedment in the Uterine Wall

As in the above case, Mirena has in several cases embedded itself in the uterine wall. Apart from the expected bleeding, this particular side effect makes it hard for safe removal of the device.


Though meant to be a temporary reprieve from possible pregnancy, did you know that continually using this device can eventually render you infertile? The continued habitation of Mirena in the body can eventually create a permanent infertility scenario.

Possible Miscarriages

These are only realized after the removal of the device. When the female user eventually decides to bear children, the effects of this dysfunctional device might still persist and thus induce a miscarriage. This is especially if conception occurs immediately after the removal of the device.

Ectopic Pregnancy

This side effect goes to show that the credibility of this birth control procedure is questionable. Pregnancy can still occur even with the device is already inserted. The IUD may lead to implantation of the embryo outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes.

Abscesses Erosion of Adjacent Areas

The presence of the Mirena IUD leads to the degeneration of adjacent cells and more so those in the vagina.

Other Serios Mirena Side Effects and Complications

Peritonitis, Intestinal perforations or obstruction, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ovarian cysts, Pelvic pain, Streptococcal sepsis, intrauterine pregnancy and wrongful death can also occur all courtesy of the Mirena IUD.


These and other numerous Mirena side effects emphasize the need to file a lawsuit against Bayer in the pursuit of justice as well as in seeking compensation. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. The lawsuits are beginning to line up and claimants will be receiving compensation soon to cover for the damages they incurred.

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